Showcasing artwork of established and emerging artists, The Apollo Bay Art Show continues to build on its success, well into its 37th year.


On behalf of the 2015/16 Apollo Bay Art Show Committee, we are very sorry to say, that we will not have a blog presence for artists exhibiting in this year's show. Due to the resignation of our 'Blogger Expert' we are now unfortunately unable to offer this service. All artists exhibiting this year are listed below. We are sorry for the inconvenience...
However, we do feel very excited about the upcoming show, the variety of artists and styles of works that will be exhibited this summer. Hope to see you at the show!


Lamis Albyati                                               
Janet Baird                                                         
Angela Baldwin                                                  
Karina Barrymore                                               
Sandy Batten
Anne Bennett   
Donna Bennett                                                      
Deborah Biddle                                               
Margaret Boyd                                             
Roma Burge
Tory Burke
Brad Campbell 
Agnes Carlitz                                              
Paul Carr                                                          
Judy Cohn
Antje Collis  
Louise Corral                                             
Cate Cousland                                               
Kay Demmler                                                    
Elaine Denning                                                     
Jan Dick  
Erin Dickinson                                               
Catherine Donavan
Sue Edwards                                
Helene Fabb                                                  
Scott Felstead                                               
Priscilla Fenton
Sally Ford
Joanne Forrest                                                 
Sally Fullagar                                                       
Maryanne Gatica 
Cheryl Gladman
Barbara Gleeson                                            
Doris Hansen                                                     
Deirdre Hassed
Dearne Hawkins
Dianna Heeps                                                
Carole Hegarty                                                
Angelika Heise                                                 
Carol Hirst                                                        
Julie Hobbs
Stephanie Hocking                                 
Diane Hodson
Trevor Holder
Mary V. Holland
Alda Hubbard
Marijke Inei                                                     
Albie James                                                      
Bettine James                                                    
Alster Kiellerup
Alison Laird                                                
Michele Leereveld
Jacqui Lewis 
Susan Mackay                                            
Sharyn Madder
Helen Manning                                                       
Teiko Marsham
Scotty McAllester
Margaret McConnell
Josh McCrimmon 
Gretta McKenna
Elizabeth Mendoza
Charles Moodie
Tina Moore
Victor Stanley Mosley
Margaret Muffet
Patricia O'Donnell 
Lynette Palmer
Lynette Parrott
June Patterson
Julie Pedler
Nicola Philp
Julia Quintana  
Jane Reyne
Carole Riches
Marg Sargeant
Karlijn Sas
Gayle Seach
Mark Shannon
Pat Shannon 
Julie Smart
Nina Smart
Peter Smales
Dennis Sonogan
Phil Suter
Sue Tate
Mary Tegelaers
Wanda Throckmorton
Joy Timms
Annabel Tunley
Sisca Verwoert 
Kerryn Wagstaff
Claire Watson
Shane Watson
Leon Wilson   
Lyndi Whalen
Sue White
Margaret Woodhead
Jan Wuelfing